The new single “Feel My Crown” by MNR PLSR was featured on The CW’s Dynasty reboot this October!  Our little track opens the episode while they crack a few eggs…

Brooklyn Silent Film Festival 2019 Winner for Best Collaboration
Composed an original score and performed it live to a viewing of the short film “La Pescadora” (Dir. Edu Lavandeira).  Very special thanks to musical genius Doug Linse for performing on synth & live drums!

Transference: A Bipolar Love Story (2019 / Contro Vento Films, Dir. Raffaello Degruttola): composed original music and score for feature film. My song “Home” was used in the trailer, for which I added additional sound design and editing:

Additional placements in Transference: “Gold,” Lipstick, “Just Wanted You,” and original song Shipwreck

Potion Masters (2019 / Dir. Cameron Laventure): featuring songs by MNR PLSR, Somer’s production & songwriting duo with Emily Einhorn.  Placements: “Blood Down the Drain,” “Last Light,” and “Shake Me Up”

Twiz & Tuck (VICE original docu-series): MNR PLSR’s song “Brilliant Creatures” (S1 E5)

Penny Dreadful (Showtime): custom song for “Behind the Scenes: One Second a Day”

Penny Dreadful (Showtime): Clinical Trials’ song “Polly Got Away” in the Eva Green “Possessed Moments” supercut