The new single “Feel My Crown” by MNR PLSR will be featured on The CW’s Dynasty reboot this October!

Brooklyn Silent Film Festival 2019 Winner for Best Collaboration
Composed an original score and performed it live to a viewing of the short film “La Pescadora” (Dir. Edu Lavandeira).  Very special thanks to musical genius Doug Linse for performing on synth & live drums!

Transference: A Bipolar Love Story (2019 / Contro Vento Films, Dir. Raffaello Degruttola): composed original music and score for feature film. My song “Home” was used in the trailer, for which I added additional sound design and editing:

Additional placements in Transference: “Gold,” Lipstick, “Just Wanted You,” and original song Shipwreck

Potion Masters (2019 / Dir. Cameron Laventure): featuring songs by MNR PLSR, Somer’s production & songwriting duo with Emily Einhorn.  Placements: “Blood Down the Drain,” “Last Light,” and “Shake Me Up”

Twiz & Tuck (VICE original docu-series): MNR PLSR’s song “Brilliant Creatures” (S1 E5)

Penny Dreadful (Showtime): custom song for “Behind the Scenes: One Second a Day”

Penny Dreadful (Showtime): Clinical Trials’ song “Polly Got Away” in the Eva Green “Possessed Moments” supercut