Somer began playing music after her college volleyball career ended, but didn’t really become serious about it until an intense heartbreak forced her to find her own purpose. Born in FL, educated at Princeton, and now residing in Brooklyn, she has been in music for over a decade in numerous roles: as a live audio engineer, venue booker, performer, songwriter, and producer.

In 2012 she had a brief stint on reality TV and her own web series as a result.  It was a crazy twist in her story, a rollercoaster of fun and drama, and it led to unexpected inroads for music: as a result of the relationships formed at the TV network, she eventually cowrote and coproduced a song for the end of series, behind-the-scenes spot for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful.  She realized she loved taking a script or binge-watching a show and writing a song inspired by it.

Her passion is taking a song from start to finish in her home studio, and her dream is to continue to evolve creatively and professionally, writing music for shows and movies and taking on clients to record, produce, and mix. Currently, Somer is part of two music projects, the grunge / punk band Clinical Trials  and the fringe-pop duo MNR PLSR. She also plans to release music under a solo project in 2019.